Cookie Policy

In order to be able to adapt the services offered to the user to their tastes and preferences, ESTYOFI S.L. will use cookies or cookies. Cookies are text files that servers send to the hard disk to facilitate faster access to the selected web page. The purpose of the cookies of ESTYOFI S.L. It is customizing the services we offer, providing information that may be of the user’s interest. Cookies do not extract information from your computer, nor do they determine where the user is. If, in spite of everything, the user does not want a cookie to be installed on their hard disk, we ask that you configure your computer’s browser so that it does not receive it. However, we indicate that, in any case, the quality of the operation of the web page may decrease.

With the same purpose of adapting to their tastes the services and products offered to them, as well as to analyze the operation of the system, the movements made through the user’s computer will be registered in a file. This file of movements allows ESTYOFI S.L. Locate the incidents and problems that may arise and solve them in the shortest possible time, continue offering the services requested by the user, get to know their preferences better and offer other services and products that can be adapted to their tastes .

ESTYOFI S.L. reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy to adapt it to the legislative, jurisprudential or interpretation news of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection. In this case, ESTYOFI S.L. It will announce these changes clearly and with due anticipation of the modifications made, and asking, if necessary, the acceptance of these changes by the user.